The ByChance Framework allows game developers to provide an infinite amount of unique levels for both 2D and 3D games. Easy to integrate into video games of all genres, ByChance enables you to generate complex levels including all of their game components and comes with useful post-processing algorithms that can be applied afterwards in order to ensure a great gaming experience.


  • Infinite Game Worlds. Let ByChance generate unique levels in no time for you and focus on more important parts of your game such as quest design and boss encounters instead.
  • High Flexibility. Tweak the probabilities of your level modules and adapt the difficulty of your levels to the player’s behavior, or generate them based on parameters specified by the players themselves. Integrate ByChance into your level editor and use generator seeds for storing your worlds in just a few kilobytes.
  • Powerful But Simple. ByChance is easy to learn and extend. Our goal is to enable you to control the level generation process while providing a clear interface that is easy to handle.
  • Open C# Source Files. Benefit from the big user base of Microsoft’s .NET framework and use ByChance for generating levels for your .NET, XNA or Unity Engine games, and inspect the whole ByChance source code in order to improve the interoperability of your game with the framework.

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  1. Hi, I’m making a 2D game with levels. I have levels where player is constantly moving and has to pass through obstacles. Example image : https://fbcdn-photos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xlp1/v/t1.0-0/s480x480/12805759_484504498401131_438740406286205178_n.jpg?oh=5fbed78eded04eb2a62880809cb03b32&oe=574FF444&__gda__=1466358434_61cb849d6f88f857a806e1d9cbe9db5a
    Difficulty I’m facing is in making sure the designs are valid, that is, player can actually complete those levels. Can By chance generate such levels? Thanks

  2. Hello

    I have great interest in purchasing your level generator,
    if it can help me out on the following.

    I have been purchasing countless generators in the past for other games, but none does what I am after. Eventhough I can code. I can’t twist this one out!

    My room sizes are prefedined: Gameobject holder> with inside my layouts for that particular room.
    It has connectors for my current own made generator. defined by North,East… etc. Some rooms can have multiple exist.

    These blocks are somewhat always based on a 150×70 units , the still vary a lot in sizes, the smallest rooms (dead ends are 3×3)
    My current own system works nicely going left or right at start of the level.

    But I am having issues with finding a way to go UP and down.
    In a sidescrolling 2.5D way. Especially to prevent overlaps.

    Most generators flip rooms upside down to make its path.
    I don’t want this.

    This is called an XY movement only?

    Is your generator capable of creating a level layout as for example : ori and the blind forest (see link attached of the map)

    So what i am looking for is a non-grid based approach.
    Where all possible rooms have flexible sizes. They would be connected with the “connectors”

    A bit like your zelda like example: however I don’t want the doors to be in the same exact spot.

    Hope you understand my question, and more specific that your tool can help me :)

    I’ ve written a tool myself, but it only allows me to go right or left. I do have some level pieces that go up or down, but it’s of course less random than I now want :)

    Cheers for your answer.


  3. I am looking for a procedural generator for levels, dungeons, interiors, etc. and comparing them. It sounds like your asset has the ability to generate a wide range of level types (which is intriguing) but I am wondering whether your generator could generate similar results as Daedalus Dungeon Generator with its multi-story dungeons or the nice looking Dungeon Architect. Is it capable of producing similar results?


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A generic framework for the generation of game levels.