Our showcases illustrate the framework’s capabilities of generating basic 2D and 3D levels.

HeartTracer Hearttracer has been created with crafty.js during Global Game Jam 2013 and uses a JavaScript port of ByChance. Angry Bots Infinite is based on the famous Unity 4.3 demo project and shows the power and the flexibility of the framework with details like chunk alignment restrictions and post-processing.
Minos' Maze Cross Minos’ Maze and avoid enemies until you find all three sword shards and can attack and kill the big minotaur. In order to be able to navigate through the procedurally generated levels, you can place chalk marks on the floor to mark paths you already took.

You’re making a game with ByChance? Let us know and we’d be thrilled to feature you!

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A generic framework for the generation of game levels.